What’s this all about?

Grocery Budget Bootcamp is an 8-week e-course that teaches the exact steps people need to eat healthy food for less money.

Why does it matter?

Because so many people want to eat better, but they don’t know:

  • What they can buy organic and what they can skip.
  • How to find healthy meals that the picky people at their table will eat.
  • How to factor in allergies and special diets without seeing their grocery bill balloon.
  • Something that would be a transformative solution for eating real food on a budget.

So… does it work? Here’s what some of our graduates have said:

Over the past few years, I’ve been (slowly) making changes to eat healthier. Since I live in New York City, that has often come with a big price tag attached! Since I’ve started Grocery Budget Bootcamp, we’ve cut down a lot on food waste and changed how we shop. It’s also been easier to eat healthy and we’ve finally established a food budget that works for us. The best thing about the Grocery Budget Bootcamp is that you can go through it again as your situation changes to adjust the systems Tiffany helps you to create. This course is a lot of hard work, but it’s totally worth it.

– Marie

The month before I started this course, I spent $281 in groceries. I’m halfway into the course and I’ve only spent $83 – which means I’ve saved nearly $200 in just 4 weeks! This is an amazing result that really motivates me to keep going with applying everything I’ve learned in Grocery Budget Bootcamp.

– Amy

You have thought of every aspect of meal planning and your method is fail proof. All I had to do was put time into the class, which has not only been fun, but it has been financially rewarding too – thank you! You truly get out of this course what you put into it. You take out all of the unnecessary fluff other websites advertise and deliver an organized, easy to follow, completely understandable, how-to-guide to grocery budgeting. You leave no stone un-turned in the grocery shopping process.

– Kim

What’s in it for you, as an affiliate?

  • 50% commission on sales through your link.
  • Open enrollement 3 times a year, fitting with anyone’s schedule (January, March and September).
  • Full access to the VIP program so you can see your grocery shopping change too
  • A full affiliate training program for Grocery Budget Bootcamp.
  • Did we mention the 50% commmision rate?

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