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Almost done with week one. Went to the store with an actual list for the first time in forever. Stuck to it and spent about $75.00 less than “normal”!

-Kathy from Utah

My goal with GBB is not to decrease my budget, but to re-work it to allow me to spend the same amount on higher quality foods. I’m so excited to learn more!

-Andrea from Kentucky

Nancy from Illinois

I can’t believe how much food I have in my pantry! My whole reason I am taking your course is so I don’t waste food. My hubby & I are retired, and there are only 2 of us. Our kids are grown and living on their own, but I was still cooking for a bigger family than what we have….talk about leftovers!!! I was constantly throwing away food that would get lost in the fridge & mold, or we just were sick of eating the same thing. Your course has made me realize that my way of grocery shopping was unorganized. Yes, I was spending more than I really wanted to, but we could afford it. With your GBB course, I now THINK what I will do with leftovers instead of leaving them in the fridge to spoil. I am now AWARE of what and how much I am buying to feed my husband & me. I know how much easier it will be to utilize my inventory sheets and will keep up with them when I both meal plan and shop (adding & subtracting). Oh yes, I have saved $473.38 over last month when I started tracking!

It was SOOO NICE to only buy the food I WANTED to eat! And the grocery budget had a considerably lighter load on it! I definitely have achieved a FRESH PERSPECTIVE on my family’s ACTUAL food patterns!

The Grocery Budget Bootcamp has also helped me settle once and for all what “bridge” I should build between the diverse needs, preferences, and tastes of my newly blended family. Grocery Budget Bootcamp is making possible what I didn’t think possible in just TWO WEEKS! It was everything I was hoping for! THANK YOU!!! Thank you! Thank you so much!

-Mei from Washington

Danae from Washington

I’m still deep in the “thinking” portion of things over here but I’m seeing the value in the course already. Enrolling in the course has been the impetus for change in our household and in watching the FB live session [for Platinum], I now have some great ideas as to how to save money and some tweaking I can do to the food budget. For example, I realized that it is actually much cheaper to make almond milk than to buy it and for some reason that did not occur to me before. It also occurred to me that, as you said in the FB session, that your kids don’t drink milk and honestly, mine don’t really need to either because that nutrition can come from better, more nutrient dense sources anyway. Little things, but still gains! Dialoguing with my husband about the food budget and figuring out what ACTUALLY belongs in the food budget has been super helpful as well. It enables us to have a realistic picture so we can move forward. I feel the big strides and “wins” are still to come and I look forward to more lessons and finalizing our family’s food priorities. I’m not sure I understand how others are saving so much within the first week, but I have faith that if I do the work in the lessons, the savings will come.

We are a homeschooling family of ten on one income. So I’m well versed in real food, cooking from scratch, bulk buying, allergens, and budgets. Yet, I’m amazed at how much I am still learning!!! Well worth the cost! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

-Kimberly from Washington

I love every bit of the course I have completed! I’ve never belonged to a more positive and kind group. The tone and the mission is handled beautifully. I am going to keep on keeping on with my lessons and look forward to being able to re-join in the next Bootcamp. I got encouragement from the VIPs who were redoing and had a little bit of experience. I just have to spread my learning out a bit because my life is extra crazy around simply getting home and eating at home! But it is a fact just getting through the inventory and consulting those guidelines has saved me and my daughter $1000 in just the first two months of this year. So count me in as an evangelist. This works and there’s some really wonderful changes in my work life happening this year that will help me tie this up in a little bow and change our lives over the course of the next Bootcamp.

-Joy from Ohio

I just wanted to write and let you all know what a blessing this program has been for my family! Tiffany and the team are so gifted in figuring out how to break all the budget issues down, based on family needs and health choices. I love feeding my family really well and staying in budget, so as to accomplish our other goals. I have noticed that when I’m diligent in sticking to the plan, God blesses me with little treasures like organic produce for under $2/lb!! Or even cheaper! I also have come to realize that food stretches so much further than I thought when I keep track of it and don’t waste it!! Another thing I’ve found interesting and encouraging is that going through the process of tracking every single grocery item bought, has taught me that it is good knowing where every penny is going. We’ve started tracking all our other accounts on paper to know where all the money is going! My husband owns his own business so it’s a lot of paperwork, but we’re determined to pay off our debt and I think this process may be the key we were missing!

-Erica from Iowa

I have figured out that I saved $117.68 on groceries in the month of January by shopping my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and incorporating some of the other things I have learned from you. That may not sound like much, but I only budget $50/wk for food, so I am very happy with the result. And my freezer is still very full, so I expect to continue to save as I shop smarter and make space in my freezer by turning some of its contents into “ready” meals. Plus, in the past 2 weeks I have just accomplished a year-long goal. All of my gardening “stuff” and equipment that had been taking up a chunk of my family room for years is now organized! I used less than $100 of my grocery savings to buy shelves and 12 new big plastic tubs. Now my gardening stuff is all organized in the garage on the shelves and my family room is clear!

-Happy Gardener from Virginia

I really didn’t think this would be worth the $$ I spent. Hubby and Daughter thought I had lost my mind, especially in the middle of buying a house that has to be completely rehabbed…

Now, they are asking if I am current with my homework and inventorying. Hubby made a spreadsheet for me to keep track of where and what and price of things I buy. Thanks Tiffany!

-Julia from Ohio

I didn’t know what to expect going in, so didn’t have my expectation set very high. But am pleasantly surprised to say that I’m saving around $40-50 a week on groceries for my husband and I. And that’s since watching your videos and taking the first few lessons of your course!! It’s soo nice to walk out of the store paying less than $100. And without couponing! I never thought I’d see the day!

I find myself excited now to try and find the best deal on food on my grocery list which will help me stick with or come under my grocery budget. I’m so thankful for the wisdom you gained in this area over the years as you sought to feed your family well on a budget and your willingness to go on and share that wisdom with others so they can learn to do the same for their families!!!

-Christine from Florida

Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying the course. My house is a disaster right now, but only because I spent all of my toddler’s nap time cataloging receipts instead of cleaning 😂.

I really just had receipts for 2 weeks, but got a ton of info from that data. We go to the store a TON. And I truly thought I was getting it all in big organized runs once a week. Not so. Try 2-3 times. Yesterday’s grocery run included more than I thought we would need on staple items. And came to 73 bucks- we are usually closer to 100. Part of that is because I’ve started baking ALL of our bread items, but I think the awareness of how much things cost has magically made me spend less too.

-Chelsea from Texas

Hi Tiffany! I’m enjoying GBB – what I was spending on groceries was out of control AND then I let a lot of food go bad too. So just paying attention and keeping track of what I spend has already saved me $. Looking forward to the rest of the adventure!

– Jackie from North Carolina

I’m so excited to be doing this course! My husband and I and our 4 little girls live in Alberta, Canada. We’ve been budgeting for years but groceries and dining out have been our major struggle when it comes to sticking to budget. We’ve set $550 as our budget but rarely meet that and are often way over. This has been super frustrating to me because I’m in charge of our family’s finances when it comes to budgeting, tracking and paying bills. We’re trying to pay off credit card debt, a student loan and our car so every time we go over on food it eats away our debt repayment and I feel like a failure. Up to now, I really haven’t been able to figure out a strategy for meal planning and budgeting groceries that works. I make a meal plan for dinners for a month, but we get derailed within the first week. So far from the course and your emails I’ve learned that I need to be more disciplined about doing prep work ahead so that making the meals take less time. I also need to make sure I include breakfast, lunches and snacks in my meal plans so I’m not picking up extra items when grocery shopping. I’ve never thought about wearing ear buds while shopping or making a price book so I’m excited to do that.

-Ramie from Canada

Lisa from North Carolina

I have to say, that what stood out to me the most from beginning this course, is simply seeing the amount spent on groceries. I’ve never calculated them in these ways before! I was at first pleased to see that I actually spent a little less than I thought, for our family of 5. (I shop at Walmart and have never before bothered to separate out food on my receipt before.) Then I saw that the USDA Thrifty Food Plan says I should be spending $45 more a month. But then that would be spending $251 OVER Dave Ramsey’s 10%! Wow what a range. I definitely want to cut way down to Dave’s suggestion. That will be a challenge but I trust that it will be doable, with you to guide me. 🙂

Thank you so much for everything, Tiffany! This course is a true gift. It has blessed my family and given me real hope. I know I can do this and I am doing it!!! It feels so go to finally have my grocery budget under control. Your course not only got my grocery budget under control but consequently, it has gotten our eat out budget under control as well. I know the best is yet to come as I keep applying all that you have taught me. Thank you so much! It was HARD work but I am treasuring and reaping the rewards!

– Zing from Maryland

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for this class!! What is so amazing is that in October, I spent $431 and fed various groups of people outside our family (BBQ for 10, pumpkin cookies for 20, baked beans for 20, fruit for 40 children, butternut squash for 34). A total of 124 servings! And 50 of those went to people with lower/no income in our city. My heart is warmed by the FREEDOM this has given me to SERVE others in a way I never would have thought possible. Again, thank you so much!!

-Stephanie from Alabama

I’m glad I did the course! Unlike most, I know exactly how much I’ve spent on groceries every month for over 10 years. To be honest, I already do 90% of what is suggested, but it’s the 10% I don’t always do that can be costly.

 I was hoping to learn some new things (which I did) and reinforce or refine some of what I’ve already been doing.

– Brenna from Massachusetts

During the GGB, I had to eliminate soy, grains, nuts, gluten, and dairy from my diet. I could basically eat veggies, fruit, meat, and fish and I still saved money on my grocery budget!

I’m amazed because we also had guests over every weeks and I manage to save $200!

– Juliane from Colorado

I have to say I’m very grateful you put this course together. It seemed like a big investment at the outset, but I have no regrets. The cost of the course has already been paid back in savings just over the course of the eight weeks. There were so many things I learned that will translate into savings in the future.

The most practical lesson for me was on the rock bottom price. I spend a lot of time comparing prices for so many things but never thought to do that for individual food items. In second place would be the lesson on reducing food waste. As tedious as taking inventory was, it was an eye opener to what I have and what I shouldn’t let go to waste.

– Adeline from New York

Tiffany, I loved the course. It got me to take control of my pantry and cupboards and fridge. I was wasting a lot of food and did not want my husband to know about it, I was so embarrassed. I often forgot about things I had purchased; before, I would repurchase because I couldn’t see it. Now have an inventory that I would not have taken without this course. I now make a list before shopping, didn’t do that before. I now plan meals, so after a hard day, I don’t have to get pizza because I am too tired to cook. I now save so much money. You taught me how the sales work and I am a smart shopper. Basically, your course is laid out pretty darn smart. I like it and would not change it. I do plan to go through it again. It is a great course. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

-Darlene from Utah

I almost didn’t enroll in Grocery Budget Bootcamp because of the cost, but I’m so glad I did because I’ve learned a lot of new things. In just two months I’ve trimmed my grocery budget by 43%! This course is worth the investment…

I saved nearly TEN TIMES what I paid before the course was even over!

– Laura from Indiana

Jamie from Illinois

I wanted to let you know the GBB has been fantastic for me and my husband. We’ve switched to higher quality food (meat, milk, eggs & mostly organic produce) that is necessary for our GAPS diet and managed to save money, about $200 a month at the same time. I couldn’t believe that we’re eating better and saving money! The course is fantastic, and I appreciated the Facebook live posts. I liked the group chats as well, as I learned a lot from other questions that were posed.

I’ll be honest too, I’m really glad I invested in the Platinum option as I have lifetime access to complete at my own pace. Thank you for bringing your knowledge into my life so that I could make such profound changes to our budget, pantry and bank account!

Thank you for making this so I can take it at my own convenience. I new February would be busy, but I knew it wasn’t possible to take this course and accomplish other priorities. As it is now March, I’m grateful to be back at it though because getting groceries have been awful as usual on our budget. Thank you for clarifying what real food is and having a chart for me to define and rank what it means to our family. I have admired and followed your blog for a few years now and in the beginning could not fathom how you spent so little… I questioned how you could say you were eating real food on a budget, the whole time, throwing potato chips in the cart for my husband and sneaking in a bag of candy for myself (or whatever else isn’t a definition of real food)! Grocery Budget Bootcamp has come in our lives at the perfect time. When I get groceries, I go way over budget trying to get “real food.” Thank you again for sharing all of your hard work at a great price. I am nervous, but looking forward to being successful at this and a better steward of our money. I am thankful – this information you provide is invaluable! May the Lord bless you and your family!

– Stephanie from Michigan

I just want to say thanks for the course and the depth it goes into. I’ve saved $300 in January just from the first two weeks! I’m looking to reduce it by another hundred by the end, and I’m sure it’s very possible!

– Kristen from Iowa

Cameron from California

I was skeptical because none of your concepts are necessarily new, but I learned that your systematic application of them is the real game changer. My lovely friends say “of course we check unit prices, everyone knows that,” but they don’t systematically stay on top of them.

PS – I’ve been raving about your program to people. A lot of people are skeptical (like I was) but, hey, it’s their own problem that they don’t know what they’re missing. I’m a convert!

Jenn from Wisconsin

This was an excellent course for me. I have tried different meal planning and shopping methods before, which had good parts, but I like that this one brings all of those elements into one course. One thing I did was buy your pre-made meal plans for the year and I have been using those and learning a lot about cooking big to use in the future like a big pork roast and being purposeful about using it for future meals, etc. I also like that you use meat which is very expensive as an element in a meal and not very often is it the main thing. I eat vegan so many meals I could keep the meat to the side for my family or switch out one or two ingredients so we could all eat it. I also love making my own beans now instead of buying canned beans which has saved a lot of money because we go through lots of beans in a week! Overall it’s been worth it. I estimate that I’ve saved about $600 in the last three months!! Thanks!!

Grocery Budget Bootcamp has been very worthwhile for me. For the first time, I am able to stick to a grocery budget. I set my budget at $348 for a month and I have actually spent $52 less this month. I never thought it was possible. The course just keeps on getting better with more ways to save. A lot of the money saving methods I have never heard of – this course is fun and exciting!

– Jackie from Michigan

My husband and I have 8 children and we have always lived on one income, so we have learned to be very frugal with our grocery budget over the years. We have been following a lot of the points you laid out already, but I took the course to see if there was anything I was missing. In the end, I found Grocery Budget Bootcamp course to be very thorough and complete! You have done a lot of work to put this course together and I am sure there will be a lot of families saving a ton of money on their groceries now. Good work!

– Colleen from Ontario, Canada

The personal touch and clarity you’ve put into each lesson is fantastic. I feel like I’m working with a friend and it makes the process that much more enjoyable!

– Jody from Washington

Marie from New York

Over the past few years, I’ve been (slowly) making changes to eat healthier. Since I live in New York City, that has often come with a big price tag attached! This year, our budget tightened and I was worried about slipping back into old eating habits in order to save money. The Grocery Budget Bootcamp came along at just the right time. Tiffany shared easily understandable resources to help me and my partner talk about what’s important to us so we can figure out where to save money while maintaining food quality.

Since I’ve started the Bootcamp, we’ve cut down a lot on food waste, changed how we shop, and have begun to think differently about food storage in our apartment. The best thing about the Bootcamp is that you can go through it again as your situation changes to adjust the systems Tiffany helps you to create.

The course is a lot of hard work, but it’s totally worth it. Since I’ve started it, it’s been easier to eat healthy and we’ve finally established a food budget that looks like it will for us.

Antoinette from Alaska

Thus far, I would say this is a wonderful Budget Boot camp program. Having been a meal planner/budgeter for years, I appreciate seeing it all laid out as a step-by-step process. It really helps me remember the process and steps I may have let fall by the way-side as the years went on. Thank you for putting it all in easy-to-understand steps and instructions! Absolutely brilliant!

This course has been incredibly helpful! Some things I knew but others are completely changing how I shop and it is allowing me to cut our already decent grocery budget even lower. I am no longer stressing and wondering if I am getting a good deal or not but I have a plan and it is really, really helping. My husband was skeptical of spending so much on the course, but as he is seeing me reap the rewards, he is more pleased that we made the investment!

– Alicia from New Hampshire

I am loving how often your lessons give me insights that make me wonder why I had never thought of things in that way before. I am loving the little tweaks that I have been able to make to my routines and thought processes that have saved us A LOT of money. My husband was skeptical about spending the money on this course, but he is noticing how much money we’re saving and our enthusiasm over our successes we’re having already keeps me going. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us! I feel excited because I know as I continue to hone these skills in even after the course officially finishes, that our family and our budget will continue to benefit. Thanks for the life-changing insights and knowledge you’ve shared!

– Alisha from Utah

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this course. You have thought of every aspect of meal planning and your method if followed is fail proof. All I had to do was put time into the class, which has not only been fun, but it has been financially rewarding too! Thank you.

You truly get out of this course what you put into it. You take out all of the unnecessary fluff other websites advertise and deliver an organized, easy to follow, completely understandable how-to-guide to eating real food on a budget. You leave no stone un-turned in the meal planning, grocery shopping process. This has been a fun process, especially getting the family involved!

– Kimberlee from Michigan

The month before I started this course, I spent $281 in groceries. I’m halfway into the course and I’ve only spent $83 – which means I’ve saved nearly $200 in just 4 weeks! This is an amazing result that really motivates me to keep going with applying everything I’ve learned! 

– Amy from California

Lisa from South Carolina

After just 2 weeks of this course, I’ve already saved $100 each week in groceries. We reduced our usual weekly total from $250 to $150 each of the first two weeks.  If I keep going at this rate, I anticipate saving at least $325 off my monthly grocery budget! The best part is that once you start to see the savings, you keep learning even more ways to save. If you’re trying to lower your grocery bills, I highly recommend this course!

Colleen from Colorado

Before the Grocery Budget Boot Camp I knew I was spending too much money on groceries, but I didn’t think it was too out of hand.  After starting the boot camp, however, and actually keeping track of my spending, I realized I was spending twice what I thought I was. Tiffany gave me the tools to start keeping track of my spending and then eased me into taking hold of my grocery budget and helping me to make wiser decisions.  I learned how to meal plan more strategically, how to shop my own pantry and then how to fill in holes with my shopping at the grocery store.  I was amazed at how easily my budget dropped week by week. The bootcamp is easy to follow. It is broken down step by step to help me feed my family in a healthy and affordable way.  I can avoid “cheap” processed food and feed my family real food in a way that  allows me to stick to my budget.

My husband and I went shopping together over the weekend because I am the food planner and grocery list maker, and he is the grocery-shopper (since he works in town and we live in the country). At the store, I grabbed the items while he did a trial run of estimating produce costs and using a calculator. It worked out really great! We only spent $67 on groceries when we’d usually spend $140-160 on that one big weekly trip to our main grocery store – I am very excited! I didn’t have to give anything up or put any food back on the shelf just to try to stay under a self-imposed grocery budget. We really pulled it off!

– Kristen from Iowa

Tiffany, you are the Dave Ramsey of Meal Planning on a budget, you not only help your family eat real food on a budget, but you help families all over America eat healthier, establish attainable real food goals and make them reachable no matter the financial situation. I love that this isn’t a short term fix, anyone can do a one month fix for their budget, but having a constant long term solution to keeping a low grocery budget it’s exciting and freeing. I actually have a savings account starting!! Seriously, we moved into our first house in June and haven’t had a savings account until now! It’s only $100, but growing!

– Kimberlee from Michigan

Grocery Budget Bootcamp is an extraordinarily useful and enlightening course for anyone wanting to take control of their grocery spending. It you to dig deep and put time and effort into understanding your spending patterns. Tiffany explains the how and why behind her framework and you’ll finally decide that it really is time to put them in place because they will save you money.

The effort you put into this bootcamp will pay you back in big savings on your grocery spending.

– Amanda from Kent, United Kingdom

I’ve seen a HUGE drop in my grocery budget. I’ve already saved $306 dollars and that was just in the first full month of Grocery Budget Bootcamp! Honestly, the biggest help was making the change to grocery shop by MYSELF and changing from big stock up trips to weekly trips to Alid’s instead of Walmart. I didn’t realize how completely overwhelmed I got in Walmart with a big list. I have also started making bread and granola bars at home for my kids’ lunches and snacks and that alone has saved a ton of money and we love your recipes for those!

– Jelinda from Texas

You helped me master the one area of my life that frustrated me the most: my grocery budget. I thought I was doing well but I wanted to do better. Yes, the government publishes statistics on “the cost of food at home” But these numbers are still too much for a family to comfortably spend, even on the “thrifty plan” I am a frugal person but I also am a numbers person. My full time job is as an accountant.I would buy groceries for the week just in time time for the kids to whine I’d forgotten their favorite snack. Or my husband to complain there was nothing to eat! It made me crazy. No matter what I did to plan, I simply could not get the spending down below $125 a week. My husband and kids were sabotaging my plans with their wants. Now, please understand we already have two chest freezers. I already meal plan. I pack my kids a school lunch and I pack my work lunch. I shop deals and discounts and generic and Aldi and 99c and I cook from scratch most of the time. I never throw food out but I won’t force the kids to eat something they don’t like. I only cook them the foods they enjoy. I insist on having fresh fruits and vegetables at all times, but I don’t insist on organic. I also need a good bottle of wine on hand. A girl’s got to live a little! So, I was on the verge of giving up trying to cut the grocery budget. After all, I’m feeding two young boys and a husband who does hard labor for a living. The man can eat! And my neighbors would laugh at my ambitions and tell me, to my horror, that they spend upwards of 1200-1500 on their families groceries! They wished they could “only” spend $500 a month. But then I started reading your blog again. I implemented some of your ideas. Slowly, the budget started to come down. With no suffering. With no whining. With no forcing my family to eat things they don’t like. I was shocked to see how well it’s working. I thought it was impossible. You taught me the skills to succeed.

– Erika

Heather from Tennessee

To say that Grocery Budget Bootcamp is life-changing would be an understatement. After implementing only HALF of the simple techniques and practical wisdom that Tiffany has to share, I started saving $200 on our groceries each month. I was shocked! We are saving much more than I expected.

Grocery Budget Bootcamp has helped me change poor habits and refine my focus when it comes to grocery shopping and meal planning. I am beyond excited to see how the knowledge gained from this course will help me feed my family real food AND continue to save money in the long run. Thank you Tiffany – you are a grocery budget wizard!

I really, really enjoyed your Grocery Budget Boot Camp! I think the missing piece for me was not meal planning and not keeping a price book. I really liked your explanation of how to meal plan. I’ve always felt there was more to it than just writing down a bunch of random meal ideas. The step-by-step directions that you provided were exactly what I needed. I’m doing both now, and love the benefits! I have come in under my budgeted amount for groceries for the past two months and by using your methods will continue to do so! Your boot camp was specific and easy to follow and understand. Thanks to your program I am well on my way to saving money on groceries so I can put money toward my other financial obligations. Thanks so much for putting this program together for us grocery budget challenged!

– Stephanie from Oklahoma

Thank you for the personal thank you note you sent in the mail. I have been struggling with some health issues the past couple of weeks and had pretty much put this course in the “sorry I spent the money on it and oh well” category, not anticipating that I would get around to listening and participating. Your note was a sweet reminder and just what I needed. I am SO glad you sent it, for I have been enjoying the lessons so much. In a household with four teens and multiple food allergies, I know it will be helpful for my budgeting.

– Stephanie from Indiana

The month before I started this course, I spent $281 in groceries. I’m halfway into the course and I’ve only spent $83 – which means I’ve saved nearly $200 in just 4 weeks! This is an amazing result that really motivates me to keep going with applying everything I’ve learned!

– Amy from Georgia

Nicole from Colorado

Just want to say thank you. I hesitated to sign up for this course, but I just checked the April budget and I saved $130 on my grocery budget. $130!! And we didn’t eat out! We ate what we had and I shopped the sales. I will definitely recommend this course to friends and family. I know we have a few weeks left, but already seeing the benefits! I’m a work from home mom. Groceries is one of my few flexible bills. Saving money here means I can work less and spend more time with my girls. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but these lessons really make more of a difference than you know.

This was an amazing course that I will continue to use and refer back to for years to come. I’m so grateful I enrolled – it is so worth the time and money!

– Lelia from North Carolina

I wasn’t sure I’d save enough money to justify the cost, but you really do learn how to save a lot of money. I’m surprised at how much I could save by just making four things from scratch. There are so many pointed tips that I think most people, regardless of their experience level, would benefit! Thank you for this course, Tiffany!

– Michelle from Kansas

I found that the less time I spend in the grocery store, the less I spend. The printables in Grocery Budget Bootcamp helped me make a specific meal plan and grocery list that help me get the best prices available. I live in a small town, yet I was still able to save 25% off my grocery budget!

– Charlotte from North Carolina

It has really been eye-opening going through all of my receipts and seeing exactly how much I spend on everything. Just doing that, I can see how I am going to change my shopping habits. And when I finish the course, I’m going to do the same thing for all my toiletries and household items. It’s just so impacting!

– Stephanie from Texas

Mindy from Pennsylvania

Grocery Budget Bootcamp gave me a clear, systematic way to explore my food and grocery habits. This course helped me clarify when and what to stock up, showed me that I can easily make plant-based milks (that save me gobs of money!) and taught me a better meal planning process. These tools are great for anyone who want to do better at buying real food on a budget – I’ve saved over 35% in just the first two months!

I really enjoyed the class! I felt like each step in the process was important and helped build my understanding. I am very glad that I chose the VIP option. Even though I was new to Facebook, having access to the group gave me the motivation I needed. It made me feel like I was part of a team working towards the same goal and the live teaching was very helpful, again making me feel like I wasn’t in this on my own. I now have a very strategic method with which to approach grocery shopping now, and having that system has made a huge difference! My whole mind set has shifted – I now see food as an area where we can save money, even with me following the AIP diet. I used to spend anywhere from $650 to $750 a month on groceries. After the course I spent just $350, and that includes my restricted diet!

– Jennifer from Arizona

Kristin from Tennessee

Tiffany, this was an amazing, life-changing course! It was very intense and it was a significant financial investment, but I believe it was completely worth it. You taught me things it would have taken me years to figure out, if at all. With what I learned, I cut my grocery budget down by $300/month! I don’t regret in the least buying the VIP package in order to pick your brain about specific questions and being able to dive deep into the different lessons. If you are serious about getting your budget under control while keeping your food priorities for your family, this course will do it. I was shocked to see what I was spending the majority of my money on, shocked by the amount of money I could save by focusing on just a few items, and surprised that the stores I was shopping at were costing me MORE money!

Katherine from California

I’m glad I signed up for Grocery Budget Bootcamp. I am more aware of what I buy, including mostly organic foods. There’s a lot more hidden costs than I thought, but there are a lot more deals than I thought too. In just 2 months, I’ve saved over $330 on my grocery budget!

Grocery Budget Bootcamp taught me a better system on preparing my grocery list and where to focus my efforts to save the most money. I’m still finishing up the course, but I’ve already saved $100 and will bring my food budget down even further!

– Gretchen from South Dakota

Becky from Missouri

I was amazed at how much we spent on groceries per month for just my husband and myself considering we have a huge garden and hunt. I can’t imagine what it would have been if we didn’t have those! I’m really glad I signed up. My husband is currently deployed and while I’m saving money here, his grocery expenses come from the same pot of money. Now I feel like I have a much better handle on where to go from here, both for when he’s away and when he’s home again.

I knew we would need to up our grocery budget to fill growing kids; I was, and am, torn between figuring out how to spend less while buying more or focusing on increasing/new dietary restrictions without worrying about doing that on a stricter budget. Ultimately, I decided I needed some insights into the process to help me decide how to balance these for us and I hoped GBB would pull through. It did. This course isn’t just writing down and comparing prices of foods and it’s not all general principles. It was general enough to apply to my own situation but also easy to apply to my situation. I thought I’d have to do a bit more leg work to make it applicable to me. LOVED that you designed the course to be applicable from day 1! Tiffany was amazing – not only in the content she provided but also in her character. I responded to an email she sent out with my current process and she quickly and COMPLETELY responded to each item I mentioned. I appreciated her response and felt like she was truly rooting for me.

– D.S. from California

Pam from Kentucky

I took the Grocery Budge Bootcamp that you put on a few months ago. It has been WONDERFUL for our family! We have gone from spending over $1000/month on our groceries this past January to spending just under $500 in May! It’s been a tremendous help to our family. We have been able to apply the savings to our car loan! Hoping to have it paid off by the end of the year. I’m so thankful! I can’t wait to continue reading your blog, and I will absolutely be sharing about the course whenever you open it up next time! Thanks so much!

Renee from California

My husband told me he loves Grocery Bootcamp. Why? Because I’ve been feeding him like a king for two months. He said I’ve never cooked for him so good. So even though I went way over budget last month on my grocery bill. I analyzed what I did using your questions and this month we are on track to come in under budget. I was thinking because I was over budget that it wasn’t a success. But there are other markers for success and my husband just paid me and Grocery Bootcamp a huge compliment.

Thank you so much for your generosity. We are going to homeschool our daughter this upcoming year and I have my eye on a laminator. So this is so perfect. I’m truly grateful for all you’ve done. I cannot sing the praises enough of GGB!!

Budget Before GGB: $700+ Budget After GGB: $625 – buying more quality meats and produce

– Mandi from Ontario, Canada

Stephanie from Texas

I have just watched the last lesson and printed out the worksheets. My husband works 2 to 3 weeks out of the state during each month. Sometimes I’m left with a little time for my own work like this, but I have continued to work on it every single week. Now that school has restarted and I’m back to sitting in carpool for extended periods of time, I’m actually excited to go back through the course myself and fill in any gaps that I may have missed. I have dropped my grocery budget $250 this far and I’m excited to fine tune everything because I think I can even drop my grocery budget farther! I sing your praises to my friends and have mentioned that they all need to go through your course. I will tell my neighbor that you’re starting a new course soon! I can’t wait to truly fine tune my grocery budget and continue to implement your strategies. I’ve told my husband that as I fine tune the system for our groceries, then I’m going to do the same method on our toiletries and household items. It gives me hope to have a true method and plan that is working. Before starting your class I could see that I was beginning to do parts of what you did. It has helped so much to have someone who is taken all those parts and worked them into a seamless plan! Thank you for giving such a great plan that works and provides hope for a better tomorrow.

Sorry, this isn’t sticking to the subject of the email, but I wanted to let you know that after about 4 core lessons, I have learned a lot more about our whole budget, not just our grocery budget. My husband is very gifted in finances and I am not, nor do I enjoy learning about finances like he does. (He reads financial blogs for fun!) However, I was feeling the need to know more where money was going and to work harder at saving where appropriate. That’s why I decided to take your course. So now I know what our grocery budget is. And my husband has created other budget categories for me to help me know where we stand each month. It is more pressure, yes, but it has helped me feel like I’m contributing to our savings. And the question of, “What if I’m spending too much?” has been decreased because now I know what our budget is. I also found a bunch of meals in our freezer that I had squirreled away and forgotten about! That has saved us some money. Thank you for your work and for taking time to read this email. I feel like I’m getting some budgeting traction. And my husband gets in on the action by helping me with my homework! 🙂

– Melissa from Rhode Island

Michelle from Texas

I’m surprised at how much I learned in Grocery Budget Bootcamp because I’ve been shopping deals for 5 years. This course though, gave me confidence in what I’m buying. No longer am I second guessing myself!

I have really loved GBB! It has made me think about what it really important and should be bought for my family verses what could be not organic and still be ok. I went into GBB in hopes of learning the art of substitutions and homemade items such as mayo, bread, spice blends, etc. I also wanted to learn more about organic verses non-organic, all of the terms. I learned all these things and more in GBB! I enjoyed the live classes and mini lessons provided on the FB page and all the support from the teacher and fellow students. Thanks!”  

Rachel W.

“Thank you! I’ve been able to keep at it and I figure that my family has saved over $1,000 so far this year. We’ve been able to pay off other debts with the money which is incredibly freeing. You’re right- mastering the household budget begins with mastering the grocery bill.”

Erika I.

“Thank you for your help the last few weeks. I wasn’t sure if I would get the results, I was hoping for from your course. I thought I would have to change everything I was doing to see real results. I don’t read sales papers or shop many stores. I honestly hate shopping. I prefer to order online for pickup. Joining Costco last year was a stretch for me since I don’t like going into stores. Even with those restraints, and only implementing some of your tactics, my family of four is saving money. We have been eating real food for over 10 years. We follow a mostly Paleo lifestyle (meat, vegetables, and fruit). We didn’t have a grocery budget and our grocery spending was out of control. We have allowed ourselves to buy whatever we wanted as long as it was healthy. This has caused our grocery spending to be $1200+ a month. The main contributors to our overspending are extremely high food quality and unnecessary store visits. We do eventually eat everything we buy. We don’t have much food waste. My husband likes to joke: “our forever giving Thanksgiving turkey.” We buy all our food at Costco, Walmart, Butcher Box and occasionally the Commissary. We started creating more detailed menus and detailed shopping lists. We also adjusted our food quality and are now eat all our food before returning to the store. Just implementing these minor tools have given us the most impact on our budget. Your course has helped my family surpass our goals for this month. We are now $50 under our goal of $650 for this month. That’s unbelievable!”

Kimberly M.